Random Models

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The first is a simple weight bench: It served as a test to create a normal mapped hard surface model without any high-poly source, which resulted in a pretty quick creation. I also modeled it in a way that it can support several positions, while being fully disassembled. I might use it for further Unity […]

Adorable XMen

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This was from a week or so ago, before I had a nice little vacation in PEI. A friend had been informing me of weekly 3d modeling challenge, and the theme happened to be baby Marvel characters with a cartoon style. I thought Beast would be fun as, ignoring continuity, I could give him the […]

Dwarf, Halls of Creation Tribute

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I’ve been long inspired by the Halls of Creation (and later, the Sons of the Storm), both by the type of art and the creators. I also admired how Michel and RenĂ© used to have tutorials there; it was from them that I first learned about overlaying textures in photoshop almost a decade ago. So […]

Knight Progress, Tutorial Update

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First off, a knight I’ve been tinkering with, mostly as a test that got out of hand (different chainmail techniques). There’s no textures on it, just the result of the normal map, on an OpenGL material. This is making me want to play Oblivion again, especially with Skyrim details coming out…. I’ve also made a […]