DND 3D Work (skip to 6:00)

CBC News recently ran a segment covering how the Army Learning Support Centre uses 3D printers to enhance their training. This gives a brief look into my previous job, and even shows some of the buildings I had modeled for downtown Fredericton. The particular segment starts about 6 minutes into the clip (below).


Insert Mesh Brushes: Straps

I got around to creating another Insert MultiMesh pack. This one has five brushes for straps: A Standard Insert Brush for when you only want the buckle A Closed Tri-Parts brush with wide and thin variants An open Tri-Parts brush with wide and thin variants ” width=”100%” /> Grab them here


Modern Combat Patch 1.01 Screenshots + Site Update

Good News Everyone! I’m now a 3D artist at Telos Entertainment. Site updates are going to be hindered as a result however, so eventually I plan on restructuring the site to focus more on being a general art blog with some 3d resources. ———————————————————— Modern Combat patch 1.01 has been released, and the release screenshots…


ZBrush 4R4: Insert Chainmail Brush

ZBrush 4R4 is out now, and I am very impressed with some of the new tools. Among them is the new Insert Multi Mesh system, which lets you┬árepeatedly┬áinsert a mesh (or meshes) along a curve. Here’s the first one I’ve created, chainmail!     Click here to Download